Content you need, form you expect

Projects adlib reads almost everything from an MPP file and closely reproduces the most common views of Microsoft Project. Open the Gantt chart and get a high-level overview of your project or drill down to minute details of resource allocations in Task Usage or Resource Usage. And plus, there is a familiar Calendar view.


From your PC to the iPad, effortlessly

Projects adlib reads Microsoft Project files in their native MPP format, no need to mess with import/export. And if you are using an application which can produce XML files in MS Project format Projects adlib can open those too.

We came up with a super convenient way of keeping your projects on the iPad in sync: just save them to your Dropbox or a shared folder on your company's server1 and moments later the changes are automatically delivered!

You can also open email attachments, or open files from 3rd party file syncing apps such as Dropbox, GoodReader and many others. Or simply add the files with iTunes.


Precision and performance

Projects adlib carefully preserves your data. Numbers, dates and currencies are formatted the way you entered them in MS Project.

And it is a good citizen of iOS too. In every view you can quickly zoom in and out using standard pinching gestures. Butter smooth scrolling, fast and responsive even with projects containing hundreds of tasks and spanning years!


1. Requires WebDAV.

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